The official symbols of The Old Royal Capital Cetinje are the coat of arms and flag.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms of The Old Royal Capital Cetinje is a shield colored red. The edges of the shield, colored blue, at the bottom finish with a two heads of eagle, facing of the opposite sides - inspired by the coat of arms of the Crnojevic dynasty.

In the shield are three elements: a white silhouette of an open book, which symbolizes the oldest printed book in the territory of South Slavs - Oktoih; contour of the top of the mountain Lovcen, the white silhouette of the bell tower of the Cetinje Monastery.


Official flag of Cetinje is the traditional crusader banner. Throughout history, the crusader banner was a major military and Montenegrin state flag, and for the first time mentioned in documents from in 1687.

Flag of the city is in two colors, in the proportion of 1:2. In the middle of white bordered red field, at the intersection of the diagonals, there is a white cross whose arms spread towards the peaks.

Download the Coat of arms (.pdf)
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