The old royal capital cetinje created a very attractive business environment for investors.

It is characterized by the efficient local administration, availability of locations for business development and significant fiscal and financial incentives. Cetinje also provides the opportunity for making new and completely unique investments. primarily, this refers to the construction of the longest tourist cable car in the world connecting two cities in Montenegro, but also participation in the multipurpose complex of the world-wide recognized artist, Marina Abramovic.

Efficient local administration

The Old Royal Capital Cetinje set up a service called “One Stop Shop” for the investors, with the ambition to offer the simple, efficient and reliable service. Thus, investors receive all the necessary information, permits and responses to its request, in the shortest possible time.

For important investors, Old Royal Capital provides a personal advisor who provides the investor free of charge advisory and
administrative support.

Ideal locations for your business

Old Royal Capital Cetinje has two business zones suitable for the development of Greenfield and Brownfield investments.

First business zone was created in cooperation with the world-wide recognized artist Marina Abramovic, under the name of MACCOC (Marina Abramovic Community Centre Obod Cetinje) and is set up in the area where former complex factory EI “Obod” was located. Business zone has 133,00 m² with great infrastructure and over 50.000m2 halls available to the investors for developing their businesses. Within this zone, that had its Master plan developed by company OMA and architect Rem Koolhass, following content was envisioned:

  • Cultural (movie studio, galleries, ateliers, etc )
  • Service and commercial (hotel, shopping mall, outlet, fare area, business incubator, distribution centre, etc)
  • Industry and production activity (innovation centres,
  • IT industries, hi-tech, production sites, etc)

Business zone called “Cetinje II” is located next to the highway between Cetinje and Budva.

It is spread on the 300.000 m² with very good transport links to the central and south part of the state, international airports in Tivat and Podgorica, Port Bar and Rail transport in Podgorica.

This business zone is suitable for the development of all types of Greenfield investments.

More information availabe in the "InveCT" brochure: