FC “Lovćen”

FKLovcenFootball club “Lovcen” was founded in 12th June 1913. Today, it is the oldest sport club in Montenegro. The best results were achieved in 1956 in qualifications for the first national league and in 1947 when first football club “Lovcen” was juvenile club champion. FC “Lovcen” now competes in the First Montenegrin Football league.

BC “Lovćen”

kk lovcenBasketball club “Lovcen” is one of the oldest sport clubs in Cetinje. It was founded in 1947. The best results were achieved in 1997/98 season, when it was scored at the 6th place of the National basketball league. This provided participation at international competition “Radivoje Korac Cup.”

Today, it competes in the first A league of Montenegro.

HC “Lovcen”

rk lovcenHandball club "Lovcen" was founded at the beginning of 1949. The best results were achieved in 1998/99 when it became the champion of Federal Republic Yugoslavia. Today, it competes in the first league and for years is the best Montenegrin handball club.

MRT “Lovćen”

Motor-racing club “Lovcen” was founded in 1946. Teams of this association won more than hundred cups. Since 1978 it organizes mountain race Cetinje-Ivanova Korita racecourse (Lovcen), in length of 12,200 m and height difference of 610 m. Since 1981 this race entered the calendar of International Automobile Federation (FIA). Introducing zone European championship, this race started to be rating for this competition.

JC “Crnogorac”

Judo club “Crnogorac” (“Montenegrin”) was founded in 1994. For the short time it achieved the great results. Its 20 members are Yugoslavian champions, three members are champions of Balkan. At the Balkan championship they achieved two second and four third places. At the world championship in sambo, sport similar to judo, member of the club Lidija Martinovic won the third place. From 1995 to 7998 pionirs of this team were team champions of Yugoslavia. Club has 69 registered members, and it competes in the first league.